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About us

A leader in engineering technology, project management and commissioning, Emanden has established a reputation built on innovative excellence, quality resolutions, reliability and cementing long-term relationships.

Specialising in project development and delivery, our diverse and experienced consultants were hand-picked from among the best, offering what is much-needed in the industry: value and reliability.

Our proven track record is backed by our consistency to deliver high quality work in a safe manner. We are committed to continuous improvements in productivity and customer satisfaction.


What we do

Emanden is an engineering as well as project development and delivery services consultancy that strives to provide unmatched solutions for a more sustainable and safer future. We work with both clients and turnkey contractors to deliver projects in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Mining sectors.

We bring to the table a strong understanding of Australian Standards and regulatory compliance with specialised services in overall project management, construction management and commissioning execution.

Our ultimate focus is on providing fit-for-purpose engineering and project delivery strategies that maximise lifecycle value and create the best return on investment for our clients.

Mission Statement

"To improve the value of the projects and opportunities for our clients by deploying smarter, proficient and lower risk project development

and execution services in a collaborative, ‘one-team’ approach."

Emanden wants to change the way people view and use engineering practices by creating innovative solutions within the oil & gas, power generation and mining sectors. We are doing this through insightful consultancy, project development and completion excellence, commissioning best practices and quality construction management. 



”To become a leading global consultancy that is sought after in the energy sector for providing reliable, consistent and successful solutions.”

As we position ourselves to become the leading service provider in the various industries that we work in, we understand that satisfied customers are an essential core of our operations. We take all possible steps to enhance our systems, processes and capabilities to meet those client needs.


Our directors, engineers and project staff work across different business streams, subcontractors and vendors to achieve successful outcomes for our clients. Valuing every client, we operate with the aim to not only meet, but rather always exceed customer expectations.

Our Principles 

  • Safety takes priority in everything we do

  • We demonstrate leadership through taking responsibility for our actions

  • We develop our people to be the best in the industry

  • We apply the most appropriate tools to frame, develop and execute opportunities for our clients​

  • Success to us is measured through the lens of all the stakeholders that we engage with

  • We find solutions that makes the world tomorrow better than what it is today 


Emanden's Core Values 

PURPOSEFUL SAFETY & QUALITY: We take care of the people that are associated with the work that we do by making sure that nobody gets hurt and the work meets or exceeds expectations. 


INNOVATE: We will be smarter in the use of resources in developing the solutions we provide.

COLLABORATE: Use our ‘One Team’ approach to partner with our clients, contractors and other service providers to establish and achieve common goals. 

RESPECT: We believe in the diversity of people and their ideas and have built a safe environment that allows courteous debates and discussions of differing viewpoints. 

VALUES: We do not shy away from technical or commercial challenges and aim to provide the best service to our clients in the most difficult situations. 

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