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Deliver over 1.4GW

Emanden have worked to deliver over 1.4GW of installed capacity across the NEM in the last five years.

Providing services across all phases of the project lifecycle on both OE and EPC side, Emanden can support feasibility and project development works, procurement activities, detailed design delivery, construction and commissioning works and grid connection services.

In recent weeks, we have successfully supported one of our clients to achieve the S5.3.4A letter and progress their project into the next phase of the connection process, worked to support another client in contracting the construction and commissioning scopes for their generation facility and continued to support one of the largest renewable projects in the state achieve final completion and handover.

We are proud of the team we have built at Emanden and the integrated approach we bring to all our projects. To learn more about our project development and delivery services please get in touch via our website EMANDEN.COM

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