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Emanden assisting Enerven in delivering SA Water’s Zero Cost Energy Future Project!

Since early 2019, Emanden Technical Solutions have been pleased to assist Enerven in delivering SA Water’s Zero Cost Energy Future Project.

The roll-out of 150MW of behind-the-meter solar farms and 34MWh of energy storage across 33 sites owned by SA Water has now been shortlisted for the 2021 Australian Construction Achievement Award, recognising the country's leading engineering and construction project.

Providing Project Management and Project Engineering services, Emanden Technical Solutions supported the engineering, procurement and construction of all PV/BESS installations comprised of 5 different racking systems, SMA Solar Technology AG string and central inverter solutions, overhead transmission lines, directional bores, Tesla batteries and plenty of PV modules.

This ambitious program of works was certainly challenging but the results proved extremely rewarding for the team: Vishnu Nair, Carlos Carrillo, Alex Dreckow, Joseph Thomas, Bikram Thapa, Jonathon Wishart and Jacinda Cook.

Emanden wishes to acknowledge the hard work of all involved in the ZCEF program and look forward to continuing to assist our clients in the successful delivery of their projects.

ACA Award shortlist:

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