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Emanden Internships

At Emanden we are very passionate about giving back to the engineering fraternity and supporting the growth of talent. In line with our core values, we continue to work with final year engineering students looking to enter the job market by providing them opportunities to intern and learn from the strong technical team and from the exciting projects that we are currently delivering in South Australia.

We would like to welcome two new undergraduates

Alexander Penfold and Kumaresh Rajoo who are doing their 12-week undergrad internship with us. We hope in the coming weeks they will grow and learn about engineering practices, both from an engineering and construction perspective, and be able to understand the demands and challenges in delivering projects.

Alex is currently doing his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at Adelaide University. Alex is eager to understand the processes and roles of an engineering company. Alex loves working on anything sustainable energy-related and has so far enjoyed looking into the solar and BESS projects that are currently being delivered by Emanden.

Kumar is also currently doing a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics at the University of South Australia. Kumar wants to utilise his qualification to contribute to the team and learn new skills in the power generation industry including a deeper understanding of connecting and commissioning a generating system.

Both Alex and Kumar intend on working towards achieving chartered engineer status and progress to a leadership role within a leading-edge organisation.

We are pleased to have Alex and Kumar as part of the team and will make it possible for them to learn and gather as much knowledge and experience during their time here at Emanden!

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