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Welcome Paresh to the Emanden Team!

We want to welcome Paresh Bharatiya to the Emanden Team!

Paresh Bharatiya joins Emanden as Senior Instrumentation & Control Systems Engineer; Paresh has years of experience as an instrumentation & control system specialist in the oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation and fertilizer industries.

Paresh brings skills in supervising, commissioning, and maintaining machinery & process control systems at offshore platforms, FPSOs, onshore LNG stations and power generation units.

Paresh is also experienced in troubleshooting I&C related activities on LM2500 / LM6000 aero turbines, heavy-duty gas turbines like Frame 7 & 9 units, centrifugal compressors, vendor package PLCs, and plant DCS/SCADA systems.

Emanden is excited to have Paresh working with us.

Welcome to the Emanden Team!

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