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Steve Garner

Engineering Manager

Steve is one of the industry’s well-known experts who has made a lasting impression within power generation for decades. His expertise in power station asset management, power plant market trading, business management, engineering consultation and people management made his entry into Emanden a natural fit.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Steve began in research and various areas of power engineering, with major accomplishments in high quality power plant designing catered to meet demanding NER (National Engineering Register) requirements. Having been with some of the industry’s big names, his experiences enabled him to steadily pave the way for a future in engineering management.

As Engineering Manager with Emanden, Steve provides support to the team of engineers and develops technical solutions for power plant design and market compliance, ensuring clients obtain cost effective and excellent technical outcomes.

Engineering isn’t his only passion, as Steve also dabbles in amateur radio broadcasting, making music, studying astronomy and being in the great outdoors either camping, fishing or caravanning.


1985 - 1988

University of Adelaide

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